Detailed rules

Image & Form and the Ultime Decathlon Team are proud to present you a speedrun event of the recently released Steamworld Dig 2, which will take place from September 24th to December 3rd, 2017. The event is free and open to anyone who wants to try the challenge and/or be part of the community!

What's this all about? Steamworld Dig 2 is the continuation of the first episode, in which Rusty defeated the Vectron’s invasion. But since then, no one has seen him, so Dorothy went on a trip to find him. Speedrunning is the activity which aims to finish games as fast as possible, therefore the challenge is to save Rusty in the quickest possible way!

The four fastest people to beat the game during qualifying tournaments will win access to the final tournament which will take place on December 3rd in a cinema in France! This final will also be broadcast here in French and here in English, as well as the qualifying tournaments on October 8th, November 5th and 12th. Good luck to you!

How to participate

  • First of all, the event is free and opened to everyone ! The only thing that is required is that you have to be able to stream (to know how, see the streaming section below)
  • Then, you must create an account on this site (the organizers should validate it quickly) and then "join the current season". You will then have access to all the resources on this website and will be able to join a tournament (see details below in the tournament section)
  • Finally (and obviously^^) you need the game. If you do not have it, you can buy it here.


  • First, there will be two categories of tournaments: the qualifying tournaments, which will be held on October 8th, November 5th and 12th, and the final on December 3. Only qualifying tournaments give you the opportunity to participate in the final (see details in the corresponding section)!
  • To participate in a qualifying tournament, you must be registered in the event, then click on the "Join a tournament" button and follow the instructions. You will find this button on your account or in the tournament section of the website. Each qualifying tournament is different so if you want to participate to every tournament, you will have to join them separately.
  • Qualifying tournaments are held in two rounds. In the first round, each player must complete a 20-minute Special Challenge (see details in the corresponding section). The best players (half of the players rounded down) will be qualified for the next and final round which is the Any% speedrun race of the game (Save Rusty as fast as possible). The maximum time will be set to 60 minutes IGT. At the end of the race, players will submit their time if it is less than 60 minutes IGT, or click on the "completion" button if it is more than 60 minutes IGT.
  • Be careful, winning a tournament does not guarantee that you will be qualified to the final! Beating the game under 60 minutes IGT during the second round of each tournament will allow you to appear in the "Best Times" section of the website, so you need to have a very good time to be well ranked and therefore have a better chance of being qualified. At the end of the 3 qualifying tournaments, the players with the 4 best times will be qualified for the final. To maximize your chances, take part in each of these tournaments and move on to the second round, which gives you more opportunities to make fast times and reach the final!
  • The tournaments will be broadcast here in French and here in English. Each player must stream during tournaments on our server so that his run is considered valid. If you don't know how to do this, see the streaming section. Thanks to this, we will be able to show to all spectators any player at any moment.
  • They will run from 8:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m (GTM+2). As an example, for french people the tournament will run from 20h30 to 22h30 and for american people (Est Coast) 2:30 p.m to 4:30 p.m

The Final Show

  • The four best players of the season will qualify for the final. It will take place in France on the 3rd of December. The exact location will be communicated later.
  • Like the 2nd round of each qualifying tournament, players will have to beat the game as fast as possible, and the player with the best time will be the winner.
  • People from Image & Form team will be there, being within the four qualified will give you the opportunity to meet them. There will also be goodies, but no details at the moment. The winner of the event will receive a special gift, which is a dinner with the team!
  • The 4 players that will make it to the Final will be hosted and defrayed (wherever they come from).
  • The Final will be broadcast here in French and here in English.
  • You can watch the Final from your living room...but you can also go to the cinema in France to attend it live!There will be tickets for sale. In fact, this final will take place during another two-day event, kind of a speedrun festival. On Saturday there will be the final of the 5th Ultime Decathlon season (a 10 game speedrun challenge) and the sunday will be dedicated to speedrun showmatches and Steamworld Dig 2 final. Tickets will be for sale here. More details soon.

Special 20 min Challenge

  • Each of the 3 qualifying tournaments will have a specific 20-minute Challenge during the first round. You must be among the best to qualify for the second round of these tournaments (half of the players being rounded down).
  • Each time, you will have 20 minutes to reach a specific goal that involves many steps. Take advantage of all the time you have to climb as many steps as possible! The more points you have, the greater your chances of taking part of the second round! In case of a tie and if there are still places for the second round (for example, if we have less than half of the players who have done strictly better than the others) we will qualify some of the best remaining tied players based on luck (we have a RNG function for that), so pray!
  • Here is the list of the 20min challenges (for each of these challenge, don't leave the game at the end of the it before seeing your result, they can all be seen during your game session):
    • Cog Challenge : collect as many cogs as you can. At the end of the timer, we will count the unequipped ones.
    • Artifact Challenge : collect as many artifacts as you can. At the end of the timer, we will count them.
    • Max Dollar Challenge : find and sell as many ores and gems as you can. Be rich but don't be a spender! At the end of the timer, we will count your unspent money (the scale is incremented by 50$). This will be the challenge for the first round of the 8th october tournament.
    • Max Level Challenge : make missions, kill opponents... At the end of the timer we will check your current level.
    • Max Secret Challenge : explore, explore, explore… At the end of the timer, submit the highest secret % on the map of your choice.

Communication between players and organizers

  • If you have any questions not answered by the website, if you want to talk to the organizers or the other players, there is a discord specially created for the event. Any player that has an account on this website will have access to it. There is no obligation but, if you want to live the event to the fullest, it is recommended to join the Discord channel, to share with others your experience, tips and thoughts about the game and its speedrun, it helps a lot and it's fun!
  • You can also watch the twitch channel of the players participating in the event. Many of them would be happy to share their experience with you. To find them easily, you can consult the live section of this website, you will find all the players who are currently streaming!


You can play the game and speedrun it as much as you want, we encourage players to stream and watch other players streams, watch and make tutorials, ask or give coaching, share their experience and advices with others on chat and especially on the Discord.

Submit a PB (Personal Best)

If you want to submit a PB, you should submit it on We have to precise it because in other events we organize, people can actually submit their PB directly on the website in what we call "the Championship". In this particular event, we made the focus on tournaments only, so the only times runners can submit are their times during a race in one of the official streamed tournaments of the season. Consequently, if you want to be in the leaderboard of this website (which is called "Best Times") you should participate to the tournaments (see the details in the corresponding section).

Point System

  • The Ultime Decathlon has a special scoring system, as it’s a speedrun event with many games (it has a lot of advantages believe us). Even if it is less relevant for this Steamworld Dig 2 event (when you run only one game you just have to see which time is the best one), we kept it for the speedrun part because we have seen that it gives players a boost of motivation. Points are a good way to compare with each others, and our website highlights the best ones with darker colors. 60 min IGT gives 0 point, 30 min IGT gives 300! Every 6 seconds under the 60 min ceiling grants you 1 point.
  • For the 20 min Challenges, the higher your points are, the higher your chances to qualify for the second part are. Each step of a challenge gives you more points in a linear way. In this way, the better your result is, the darker the background color of your result will be.


  • Beforehand, you need a twitch channel, or an equivalent. If you do not have one, create one
  • Then, you need a software to stream, like OBS or an equivalent.
  • Finally, broadcast to our server. To do so, you first need your streaming URL. You have to go to your account (on this website) and click on "get my streaming details". In OBS, go to “Setting/Stream/Stream Type” and choose “Custom Streaming Server”. Then paste your Streaming URL in the URL box. Your streaming key is your username (on the website). Then Apply. Now you just have to start streaming as usual.
  • Keep in mind that you have to stream to our server during the tournaments if you want your run to be valid. Please broadcast the game full screen with no additional layout. During your trainings you can stream to your own channel as usual (there is no obligation of streaming in this case by the way).
  • Here are some advices : there is no need to have a bitrate better than 3500. Broadcast at 60FPS if you can (30 otherwise). If you have a small connection or any problem related to this, just keep the ratio (1280x720) and try other values like 640x360, put a lower bitrate and in the advanced output setting, choose veryfast for the CPU usage preset (do not put superfast or ultrafast please)

SteamWorld Dig 2 - Any % (Rescue Rusty as Fast as possible)

Run conditions

  • The maximum time allocated to beat the game is 60 min IGT !
  • You have to start the game from a new save and set the difficulty to "normal". You are not allowed to quit and reload the game. If you want to keep track of your real time with an external tool like livesplit, you need to start the timer when you choose difficulty and stop it when you leave the final area with Rusty (about 1 min after beating the final boss), but keep in mind that you'll have to submit your IGT (In Game Time), which can be seen after beating the game.

    In the first round of each tournament, there will be a special 20-minute challenge that will change every time. More details on the detailed rules section (see "Challenge").

Completion steps

  • Did not make it under 60 min (0 points)

Other information


  • There are no resources for this game.


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